UTRGV Scholarship Application - Your One-Stop Scholarship Application

Whether your first semester applying or your last, the UTRGV Scholarship application opens doors to millions of dollars and provides a path to help pay for your education. Our UTRGV alumni & friends, along with generous donors and foundations, who made the decision to invest their dollars in you, understand the importance of empowering the #FutureofTexas!

To be considered for one of the more than 350 scholarships offered at UTRGV all you need do is complete the application by the corresponding deadline. Take a few minutes, start and complete your application to take advantage of what UTRGV has to offer!

How to Apply:

New Applicants:
  1. Create New Account.
  2. Fill out your student profile.
  3. You will be matched to the scholarships that best suit you.
  4. Answer any additional questions (if applicable).